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  leosw 5d3dd7b351 Fix min height for firefox 66 3 weeks ago
  leosw b41d768cca Fix comment creation in archived articles 3 weeks ago
  leosw fa8f50a3d9 Restore blog behavior with three tables 3 weeks ago
  leosw 2e2a79ed76 Rename SQL id field in contents 3 weeks ago
  leosw 50e8552059 Restore wiki behavior with three tables 3 weeks ago
  leosw 55ed7db3c4 Add sequences on new content tables ids 3 weeks ago
  leosw 35275d217b Change SQL schema to add more hierarchy in contents: content -> localized -> version 3 weeks ago
  leosw c6d69666bb Fix exampleweb URL with trailing / 3 weeks ago
  leosw 2aa41e692d Fix blog RSS list page 1 month ago
  leosw f215a6cf08 Fix blog list page 1 month ago
  leosw 2258aa3fe0 Fix blog comment management 3 months ago
  leosw f32e528d01 Remove trailing dot in blog/wiki name view page 3 months ago
  leosw 6356faa9ca Fix blog article deletion/restoration 3 months ago
  leosw 41c1ea61b6 Fix blog history view 3 months ago
  leosw 3ad4a6d08e Store author as contributor in wiki/blog 3 months ago
  leosw b5115182d5 fix blog edition 3 months ago
  leosw 7a29f0825f fix blog view page 3 months ago
  leosw 9aa7498db7 fix blog creation page 3 months ago
  leosw 7d3a00fd68 Start rewrite model for new article page 3 months ago
  leosw 1f7a77e0d6 Fix blog view page using new sql scheme 3 months ago
  leosw 19b5cec9b5 Fix FA in blog edit view 3 months ago
  leosw a3d964e9c5 First work on article list 3 months ago
  leosw 002c7db88c Do not fail in case of duplicate contributor 3 months ago
  leosw 6f509c6edb min page height is set to screen size 3 months ago
  leosw 391e84a241 change layer stack icon in map page 3 months ago
  leosw 324b13175b RM lstronic logo from project 3 months ago
  leosw ec4e15f53d Fix map page FA icons 3 months ago
  leosw 362affd496 Fix update 3 months ago
  leosw 735e99ac1c Store wikie page editor id in contributors table 3 months ago
  leosw b60478b8c0 Repair the admin log viewer 3 months ago